Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cancelling Home Phone

     I have come to realize that I no longer use my home phone for anything other than to deny offers to remortgage my house and people surveying me so I decided to get my home phone shut off.  Everyone who I come in contact with via phone is usually through my personal cell phone and I no longer give anyone my home number anyways.  The last straw was when I was filling out an application and I couldn't even remember my own home phone number.  I had to look it up on my cell phone just to get it.  Dealing with the phone company was just torturous though and a little time consuming.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Workout Wednesday #12

Today's Post:
     There are many myths around exercise and diet that always circulate around the internet and around social circles that many have fallen into believing them to be true.  When I first started exercising regularly, most of the time people would give me advice on things that they had heard before regarding exercise.  The things I would hear were: doing crunches every day to get a six pack and loose weight, eating before exercise is the worst thing you can do and the more time that you exercise the more strength, and size you will gain.  Things like this are always heard everywhere and every day by people who are trying to "help" you out.  Whether it is family and friends or even that guy at the gym who looks like hes in shape, most of the time the things you hear just aren't fact. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Workout Wednesday #11

     Last week I wrote about a workout method where one would try to max out the amount of weight they can do for a certain exercise and this week I will go into more detail on what it is.  Reverse pyramid training(RPT), which is also known as drop set workouts, is a different method to the conventional ways of weight training.  Drop sets can be used for gaining mass, strength, and to shuffle up your workout routine if you have gotten bored of your current workout routine.  This type of workout can also be effectively used to help one loose calories and loose weight as well.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Online Classes

Today's Post:
     Online classes, sometimes referred to as "E-Learning", is something more and more colleges and universities are starting to offer for students as an alternative to the traditional schooling methods.  They are supposed to be the same thing as their counterparts which take place in a classroom but with the difference being that you can progress through lectures at your own leisure.  Text books are still required as part of the classes and you still need to take midterms and final exams just in a different environment.  The only other requirement other than that is you have to have access to a computer with internet to attend class. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Workout Wednesday #10

     Maxing out at the gym and doing drop sets is one way to train your body for building size and for truly figuring out where you stand on strength.  Maxing out simply means that you are  giving your all on whatever workout you are doing and that is your maximum limit.  Drop sets are incorporated within maxing out usually to help you build size by tearing more muscle.  Maxing out at the gym can help you be more efficient as well if you do not have too much time during the week to workout but at the same time it is equally as difficult as any other training technique that gives you the same results.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Identity Theft

Today's Post:
     Identity theft is one of those things that one never thinks it is going to happen to them yet it can happen to anyone for the simplest of mistakes.  With your log in information someone can access your facebook profile and mess with your account or with a lost or stolen credit card, someone can incur charges on your account and make you lose your savings in an instant.  Losing your wallet or purse is also a way your identity can get stolen and this is the headache I've had to deal with in the past few days.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Workout Wednesday #9

     Whether you are trying to build muscle mass or you are short on time during the week for a workout or even just want to try something new, "supersets" work great for this.  A superset is simply working out two different muscle groups during the same day which is similar to following a training split but with one difference.  The way that this kind of workout actually does differ from the training splits that I have posted here before is by the fact that between each exercise or set there is virtually no resting time or at least there shouldn't be any resting time.  Sometimes for this type of workout, you exercise two opposing muscles instead of two companion muscles but you can actually superset any two body parts or even the same muscle.