Friday, August 19, 2011

Online Classes

Today's Post:
     Online classes, sometimes referred to as "E-Learning", is something more and more colleges and universities are starting to offer for students as an alternative to the traditional schooling methods.  They are supposed to be the same thing as their counterparts which take place in a classroom but with the difference being that you can progress through lectures at your own leisure.  Text books are still required as part of the classes and you still need to take midterms and final exams just in a different environment.  The only other requirement other than that is you have to have access to a computer with internet to attend class. 

My Reasoning:
     I've always wanted to try taking an online class for my college but never really bit the bullet to do it until this semester.  Many times I have heard that they are even easier to do than their in-classroom counterparts and some times they are equally as difficult if not more.  I have talked to people who love these classes and all of the free time they have and at the same time I have talked to others who absolutely hate these classes for that same reason.  The only reason I never really wanted to take an online class is because I have always felt that I spend enough time at the computer as it is and now that I have to do classes on it, I'll only spend more time on it.  I finally did it though because I know I am going to need the extra time it offers.

Reasons Why People Love It:
     One reason I've heard for people that love it is that it is just much easier to do than to take the physical version of that class.  The teachers around in my school aren't all necessarily computer savvy and any and all shortcuts they can take to bypass the schools online systems are used by them.  One teacher just can't wrap her mind around her school email address so instead she gives us her personal email address.  So having these same teachers lead the online classes just makes it so the online experience is much easier for the students who are more savvy on the internet.  I have heard stories of teachers accidentally sending out answer guides to students along with the exams and not even realizing it. 

     Free time is also one of the selling points for people when it comes to taking a class online.  Homework is no longer due at the beginning of class but instead is due before midnight at the end of the day or even at the end of the week.  I can see how putting off homework an extra day because you are busy can be beneficial.  Lectures can be learned at your own pace and you don't have to deal with having to worry about missing a lecture.  Having extra time or having your school fit around your schedule all the time can relieve a lot of the stress of some students.

Reasons Why People Hate It:
     It is too easy to screw around now without having to sneak around and doing it.  They also slack off because of the free time that is now allocated to their day.  I find myself to automatically go to facebook every time I am near a computer as it is, now its just easier to loose track of time.  And its not just facebook its almost any other website that takes someones interest away from work.  You do not have to worry about getting caught going online and playing games or going online to go to facebook anymore. 

     Did your high school, college, or university offer an online alternative for any of your classes?  What was your experience with the classes if you did take any.  What was the class you took online?  My college offers a handful of major classes online at the moment and every semester they are adding more and more.  The class I am taking is an excel class where I have to turn in weekly assignments.


  1. UGH, I have had so many bad experiences with online classes, it's gotten to the point where I'm looking at even (probably) legitimate e-schools and online courses as pure friggin' diploma mills and bullshittery.

    No, I'm goin' back to college and am just going to be happy with brick and mortar schoolwork.

    Online poker, on the other hand..., I'm still better at brick and mortar poker. Mebbe online things like poker and school just ain't my thing. D:

  2. Dude, I hate online courses. Youhave to make up all the time spent when teachers would... you know, teach.... must be made up with reading. It requires a lot of studying. Not my favorite.

  3. My one experience with taking a class online was not too great. Overall I guess it was okay, but in the end I don't think I would do it again. Nice blog, followed.

  4. Around my school teachers are not computer savvy and any and all of the shortcuts, they can bypass the online system used by their school.
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