Saturday, July 30, 2011

Getting Rid of Furniture

Today's Post:
     Whether you are a college student moving away from home for the first time or you are tired of your roommates and looking for somewhere else to live, it is always easy to say that one is going to move out and leave and everything is going to go by smoothly but without planning and anticipation moving can quickly turn into a nightmare.  Things as simple as not having enough boxes to move your stuff in, to how your going to move everything.  Friends always seem to be there for you when you ask them to help you but when it actually comes to moving time, excuses seem to come up which prevents them to help you out.  Finally there always seems to be so much trash and excessive stuff that comes up that you wont know what to do with it.

     Recently, my older brother got married and decided to move to an apartment in a different city but still close to the family.  I myself had never had the need to really move out since the community college I go to is close by and the university I am transferring to is literally only 2 blocks away from my house.  My older brother had planned the moving into the place part, but not the moving out part so much.  He had looked up what necessities he would need, such as cable, phone, and internet and took care of that in advance.  He had to get new furniture to fill his new house up, which he did as well on a timely manner as well.  Finally, the last thing he had to do was move his stuff from his old place, to his new place.  Well that is where he didn't really plan out or anticipate what was going to happen.
     Well since he got all new furniture including a bedroom set, he didn't need his old one.  Well no one else wanted the old one either.  We don't have a truck or a large vehicle to get rid of the stuff so we had to call in a few favors to get rid of it.  A recliner chair who was originally agreed to get taken by one of his friends ended up being thrown out because his friend last minute decided he didn't want it anymore.  So now his old room is filled with old furniture that no one wants and have no way to get rid of right away.  What is going to end up happening is it is going to get donated later on the week to good will or something that way we don't have to toss it in the trash.
     Packing his old stuff was a hassle as well.  Even though he only had one room in the house it seem like while we were clearing out the room the entire house got filled up with stuff and we had to go through everything to make sure we weren't throwing away important papers or stuff like that.  I felt like we were in an episode of hoarders to be honest.  Well at least without all of the dead cats and mice.  We also didn't have enough boxes for his stuff so we had to go get more at his work.  We worked for 2 days straight. This was supposed to be a process that was going to take "3 hours tops" according to him.

     Well if you are nice enough to offer a hand in helping someone move out, then be prepared to be their a while.  If you yourself are planning on moving out, make sure you have some reliable friends that will come through and help you out as well.  Always plan out the entire process, including making sure you have enough boxes for your crap and know where all of your stuff is going to go.  If you have to get rid of furniture make sure you also have a truck or know someone with one that you can count on otherwise its going to be a hassle moving it around.

     Have you guys ever had to help someone move out?  It can be friends, family, or even yourself that had to move out.  How did the process go for you guys?  I personally have had to help quite a few people move out since they had to go to college or university and were moving away.  It always seems to end up the same way though which is very stressful.


  1. I actually am going through something similar right now. We are slowly replacing our old crappy furniture for nice new stuff. In fact, I just got a new desk, so I gotta trash the old one. Really, it's no big deal, but I don't have a truck, so favors are coming. For me though, I don't even try to pawn off old furniture. I just send it straight to good will.

  2. Oh gawd, now THIS is a topic for much discussion!

    Though you put it best: yer always there for a helping hand but the MOMENT it comes time to ask for help, everyone's got something else to do.

    It got to the point where I've just gone back to the way I used to be, just handling everything my goddamned self and saving the drama and tension between friendships.

    I know I'm a hard guy to be friends with (let alone love, my partner-in-crime is a friggin' saint), but c' expect a friend to give back as much as I give, y'know?

    As far as old furniture goes I either give it away, trash it (if it's unusable), or simply send it to the Goodwill or Salvation Army.

    There's always someone else out there who's harder off than I am, and if I can hook 'em up I would.

  3. I've had to deal with this a few times but I always made sure to plan ahead and didn't get new furniture unless I absolutely needed it. The main focus is to get moved in, you can pick and choose and get rid of furniture later. Fortunately I always had family from the country who were notorious for pickup trucks lol.