Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Mornings

Today's Post:
     Everyone always remembers what Saturday mornings were like when we were younger but not too many people speak to fondly of Sunday's or even Sunday mornings.  Most will remember Saturday mornings as always waking up nice and early, cereal bowl in hand and the TV on whatever you wanted to watch.  Sunday mornings however for the people I have talked to usually ended up being dreaded because of having to wake up early and not having anything to really watch, some people hated Sunday school and dreaded having to go to church.  The older I get however I realize how nice it is to have a Sunday morning off every once in a while.

Weekends Then:
One of my favorite shows to watch as a kid.
     Sure nostalgia always gets to everyone when they think of Saturday mornings and the things we did as kids and teenagers and those memories will stay with us forever but things do have to change for better or for worse.  I remember as a child I would wake up every Saturday morning just to watch cartoons for the entire block of new shows they always seemed to have up.  I just remember going to watching WB and watch their new shows some of which I still remember very fondly.  Of course Pokemon was in there I used to watch the original series on that channel.  Another favorite of mine was batman beyond which is the batman series that took place in the future or something like that.  Once I had gotten tired of TV I would go out and play with friends outside and during the summer, I would go to a lot of family gatherings and parties where I got to see cousins and hangout with them.
This is menudo along with all of the sides!
     Sundays on the other hand were dreadful to wake up for me.  It always felt like I had to savor the sleep time in the morning since it would be a whole five days until I got a weekend again.  The television generally didn't have much in terms of cartoons to watch and even if it did, I would let my dad get to watch the TV instead.  My mom would usually prepare "menudo" which is a Mexican stew that is rather spicy and is something I have grown to love but I didn't like it much as a kid.  And then after breakfast and changing clothes it was off to church for the next two hours and waiting patiently to be over with.  The occasional family gathering happened afterwards and then there went my day.  Nothing but homework to look forward to after that.

Weekends Now:
     Now instead of waking up early, I wake up late because I was out the night before either partying or hanging out with friends.  No more Saturday morning cartoons, and no more bowl of cereal for breakfast.  Instead, I now wake up at noon, eat a power bar, and get some chores done.  Instead of going outside and playing with friends, I go to the gym and workout with them.  Well I do go out and play some soccer but it is definitely not like when I was younger.  Then later on the night, its party and go out again.  It always has to be something out late where I end up getting drunk.
     The Sunday morning is even worse for me to wake up since I'll be waking up with a massive hangover from the past two days of having been drinking.  Now this is where I learned to love the Mexican stew.  Over the years I slowly learned that it worked wonderfully as a good hangover remedy.  Thankfully my mom has kept up the tradition of preparing it for us over the years.  Also, work isn't too bad either since I would much rather spend the rest of the day doing homework for school than to go out again a third night in a row.  

     Things change, and we have to grow up and let things go.  Sadly, the transition between these things is slow so you never really notice what you had until one has time to reflect on the past.  I would like to think that this is how I will be for the rest of my life but I wont and again I'll be looking back later and see how much things have changed yet again.  Things I hate now could possibly be things I like later on and things I like now I could even grow to hate.  Time just has to keep moving forward for people to grow.

     What are some of your old favorite Saturday morning cartoons or other rituals?  I for one liked the pokemon series and the batman beyond series that was played on Saturday mornings on the WB channel.  I know my older brother enjoyed watching two stupid dogs when we were kids and that was on The Cartoon Network.  Now my younger brother hardly watches TV and instead opts to play Call of Duty online and chats with friends.


  1. Dude, were you born in 1980?

    'Cuz, I was born in 1980. And lemme tell you, I saw some goooood shit on Saturday morning cartoons. Just wake up (sometimes as early as 4 a.m. for some of 'em), snag some cereal and teeveeeee. The MOMENT my parents woke up though (around noon), it was time to clean up, get dressed and ready and then head off outside to go play or get in trouble or do whatever.

    Now, as an adult I'm usually UP 'til 4 a.m., wake up at noon and thank God each saturday I do. Saturday morning cartoons are a friggin' travesty nowadays, and I'm glad I'm not subjecting myself to that mess.

    What happened, man? Did they get so commercialized that they can no longer be entertaining?

    When I was a kid, growing up, EVERY channel had a Saturday Morning lineup, even freakin' Public Broadcasting! Every last one of them had awesome cartoon offerings and I would flip the channel after a show to the next awesome one.

    Today, as far as I can tell, only one channel offers that and even then its' rehashed crap from the Cartoon Network, Disney and Nickelodeon. POSSIBLY a second one, but the offering is so dismal I don't care anymore.

    I remember when Optimus Prime was freakin' Robojesus. I remember when Disney had an ENTIRE lineup of nothing but awesome (Tailspin, Darkwing Duck, etcetera) after school, and I remember cartoons that mattered with amazing opening songs and closing songs as well (if they weren't a replay, or a vocals-less rearrangement of the opening), enough that I would actually watch the closing credits.

    ...gah, freakin'...nostalgia.

  2. Too bad i'm too young to remember this tv show:)

  3. pokemon was the shit back then.

  4. i didn't see this tv show too

  5. Oh Batman Beyond. I have such fond memories.

  6. I loved Batman Beyond too. I usually watched a ton of awesome Australian shows that I can't remember the titles of.