Thursday, June 23, 2011

Roses and the Beach

      Since my mother left for Mexico last weekend, I have been taking care of her garden for the past few days.  I mean when she told me how to care for the plants I didn't really pay too much attention to be honest since I thought, hey I'll just spray them with water for a little bit once a day and forget about them until the next day.  Turns out, she has such a different variety of flowers, that doing what I was doing for the rest of the time she is going could have potentially killed off her garden.  I got schooled by a neighbor of mine when she saw me poorly watering the plants and frankly, I should know better than to do what I do since my father was a gardener and worked at a nursery and studied plants.  I guess non of that ever rubbed off on me so I bet hes looking down at me laughing at my poor attempts of taking care of the plants.

     My mother planted a bunch of roses throughout the yard and each one needs watering only every other day and only during the mornings.  I learned that I shouldn't even spray them with water but rather get the hose right down on its trunks and make sure it gets plenty of water that way.  If you spray the flowers and leaves, the sun will burn right through them especially right here in Northern California where the weather is so hot.  Its actually 94 degrees outside today and I would have killed those plants had I actually done that.  Other plants do need similar care but overall I am glad I didn't kill of my moms garden before she came back from Mexico.

On Tuesday:
     Last Tuesday I finally got to go to the beach for the first time this summer.  I went out to Stinson Beach which is close to San Francisco.  Its a quick drive to the city from their to go get food too which is what we ended up doing since traffic was horrible going away from the city and would have taken us two hours to get home when the drive is usually only 45 mins.  The beach was packed with people enjoying the sun and going in the water and there was even a bit of the surf.

     We were out there for most of the day, and took a bit of food and a cooler full of beer.  Just sitting on the beach with my friends and sipping on beer made for a great day outdoors.  The girls are gorgeous there and all were enjoying the sun as well.  We had a football but it was flat so that didn't really workout for us and we left a soccer ball behind at the house.
     To end the night, instead of heading back home we went to the city to have dinner at Pho Garden which is home of the famous "Pho Challenge".  Here is the explanation they give on the website as to what the challenge actually is:

2 pounds of noodles. 2 pounds of meat. We seek true competetitors.
Finish the bowl and win a FREE MEAL. Pho Garden challenges anyone with a big appetite.
      Non of us were actually man enough to do it since the memories of a friend failing miserably not so long ago still was fresh in our minds.  The challenge actually cost 20 dollars to attempt and if you manage to eat all of it, you will get your money back.  The even make you sign a waiver telling you of the potential dangers of the challenge!

*Here I included an image off of their website showing you just how big the bowl is compared to a person*  

     I finally added pages to the blog to give it a less clustered look and going forward with my planned "simplistic" theme.  Instead of always having the "about me" info on every post you guys read, it is now a page of its own including a picture of me.  I will be adding another page for Workout Wednesday soon, perhaps when I add more articles to it.  I'll be doing more outside activities too so I can keep you guys posted on that as well.

     What do you guys like doing when you go to the beach?  And if you don't like going to the beach, why not?  I like to go to the beach to just lay around and watch the waves.  Its probably the most relaxing thing I can do outside while technically doing something outside.  If someone brings a soccer ball I'm always down to play around and pass the ball at the beach it usually attracts more people to do it too.


  1. my old man used to garden for a bit too, I ran into a japanese sakura tree when i was learning how to drive. It took him a while to forgive me. Sure learned how to reverse park real quick though!

  2. Sounds like a nice day! When I go to the beach, I usually just lay out and enjoy the scenery... especially the laides :) I don't go in the water anymore... I don't like stepping into ocean that I can't see what's around my body or under my feet. I'm kind of a baby about that now, but I'd rather do my swimming in a pool.

  3. Coincidentally I was gardenning today which is odd because I never really do.

  4. My grandma is a gardener, we have three rose bushes and I learned quick how to water them. She's unforgiving when it comes to her plants. And it looks like there is a raw meat in that soup, is it?

  5. That was such a huge bowl of pho. I just found out recently it is pronounced "fuh" not "foe". Neat!

  6. nice beach but WTH SUCH A BIG BOWL OF PHO O.O

  7. I wanna have a garden in backyard :/ just too lazy

  8. I've been building a garden with my brother in our backyard lately.

  9. Such a beautiful picture of the beach! Keep it up!

  10. Personally, i hate the beach. just my opinion. sandy, salty, crowded... definitely prefer fresh water!

  11. Nice post, and I know someone asked me to do the same thing, well watching the garden and I googled how to water them because I had a feeling a rookie gardener like myself wasn't doing something right since the actual gardener was taking more time than I was.

    Oh, about the beach thing, I wish I could go more, but there aren't any near by, closest one is about 200+miles.

  12. That is a lot of soup. 0_0

  13. Wow, lol
    It seems humanly impossible, did anyone ever complete the challenge?

  14. I think that challenge is physically impossible.

  15. $20 is not bad that is more of a 3 or 4 person meal not really meant for 1 person, the challenge is silly

  16. I hate soup!
    After seeing this, I even hated soup MORE! ugh

    Anyhow, nice update with your life!