Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Workout Wednesday #3

    Now it is time for the 3 day split!  This isn't so much of a drastic change from the 2 day split from last week where instead of focusing solely on upper body one day to lower body the next day, here you are focusing on different muscle groups each day.  With the three day split it seems like you are doing less work than the 2 day split but that is because you are adding an extra day to split up the workouts throughout the week.  This way, even though you are doing less exercises in any given workout day, you should be adding even more intensity to your workouts each time you go to the gym.  Also by doing this split unlike most other splits, it allows you to recover the other days muscle groups without really using that muscle group.

     Personally, I don't use this three day split but I know many people who prefer this split to any other split.  The people who like this split better are usually athletes who already have to go to training for their given sport and want to add more weight training to their day.  The reason people generally like this one more than most other workout splits is because of the rest periods between each workout.  When you do a push workout one day, the next few days you might be hurting but that is no reason to not go to the gym to do a pull workout.  When you do the pull workout, you don't use the same muscles at all that you used when you did your push workout so it is much easier to go to the gym and workout.

*You should aim to do 3 sets of 8-10 reps on all of these workouts*

Push Workout


Pull Workout

  • Shrugs (You should aim for 4 sets here of 16 reps)

Leg Workout

*You can click on each exercise and it will take you to an instructional video of the exercise so you know how to do it*

     This workout should only be done once a week and it is important to do all three days.  I know some people who simply do just the push and the pull workouts and skip on doing leg workouts.  This will slow down your growth and it will end up making you look like you have chicken legs.  Also do not try to do this more than once a week since it will lead to over training and over working out.  This will slow down and even take away from your progress.  As long as you workout with increasing intensity each week, you should really start to see results and should start getting stronger faster.  And resting between is always important which is why so many people like this workout split over most others.
     This workout split was posted in a magazine titled "Muscle and Performance" in an article written by Mike Martinotti.  I have made some tweaks to it and added visual aids for it by including the links.  All of the information in his article though is always readily available on the internet so anyone who is interested can look up the workouts like I did.

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