Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Workout Wednesday #2

     Today I will be talking about the two day split.  This is a follow up from last weeks Workout Wednesday where I talked about the one day split.  Again just to let you guys know, a "split" is just a weight lifting schedule that someone can follow weekly.  This "split" tells you what muscle groups to workout what days of the week or how many times a week.  It will also tell you how many sets you should do and how many repetitions you should do during your workout.  This usually varies for everyone who designs their own workout.  I will share with you the two day split that I have used in the past.

      If you have started off with the one day split and have hit a plateau this is a perfect way for you to move on.  I would consider this a next step once you have seen the progress you have made.  This two day workout split simply divides the different muscle groups that one works out into two separate days instead of trying to cram everything into one single day several times a week.  The way I like to split it up is doing all the upper body workouts one day and all of the lower body workouts another day and I usually repeat this 2 or 3 times a week.  So in other words, one day you workout your upper body and the next day you workout your lower body which allows you to do more exercises for each.

*Try to do 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps on everything*

The Two Day Split: (part 1)

Chest ExercisesIncline Dumbbell Press
                           Dumbbell Fly 

BackCable Pulldown
           Cable Rows

ShouldersDumbbell Shoulder Press
                  Dumbbell Front Raise


TricepsSkull Crushers
              Close Grip Bench Press *Do it at the same time with Skull Crushers*

The Two Day SplitPart 2

QuadricepsLeg Press
                    Leg Extension

HamstringsLeg Curl *either seated or laying down*

CalvesSeated Calf Raise

*The good thing about workouts and exercises is that even if you don't know what the exercise is, you can always find a video of someone doing it on youtube or by google search.  I learned through a combination of that and by asking friends who go to the gym what some exercises were and to help out with my form.*

     If you click on the exercises it will take you to a video of the exercise so you know what it looks like and you know how to do it.  I got this as a suggestion from last time from one of the comments. I think it helps out for form and things like that too to have a visual aid.

     This seems a bit easier than the one day split but its just as hard.  I actually think its better though since the workout doesn't seem so monotonous as the other one where you do the same workout only many times a week.  At least with this one you get to alternate between which workout you do what day.  Also I feel like it is best to take a day off after doing two days in a row.  Helps your body rest so you can get ready for another two intense days of weight lifting.

ALSO:  Check out Workout Wednesday #1 from last week!


  1. looks good for a body builder, but i need good old squats in my splits! nicely made though mate

  2. I miss working out twice a day.

  3. I've always been too lazy to work out for real. I just go for a jog every night before I head to bed

  4. nice workout, must have been pretty sore afterwards

  5. cool workout will give it a try

  6. Interesting workout routine, I may have to try it.

  7. I'm on board with Jack.

  8. Nice workout, I need to set up something similar

  9. I really need to do some workout
    good luck with it man

  10. nice workout schedule man, I'll try to follow that

  11. Im into working out and keeping fit, this seems like a great way to build up.
    I may be using this, thankyou for posting!
    Best of luck with it also,

  12. I'm rather intrigued by these "skull crushers."

  13. i need to start working out again. i worked out every day before, but now i hardly workout at all.

  14. im on a 3day at the moment.. may have to to bring it down to 2 though