Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bars and Neck Pains

Today's Post:
     Every once and a while I like getting out of hand and going out with some of my friends.  The only thing to really do around here is to go out and have a few drinks with a few friends at the bars once you reach the drinking age.  You can go to parties during the weekends but nothing really compares to going out with friends and meeting new people at the bars.  They just have that atmosphere where you see people who can handle their drinking and know when to stop and at the same time they have the people who are new to the bar scene and don't know when to stop drinking.
     On Thursday nights here in this small city is what we call the "Cotati Crawl"(Cotati is the name of the city).  You basically just "crawl" through to the line of bars that are all on the same street.  You go from bar to bar, since each one has its own atmosphere and generally has a different crowd.  You have the bar that is known for making strong drinks, then you have your bar that you go to because it is faster to use their bathroom, and you also have the bars that you go for dancing.  The last type of bar you have around here is the bar where you see "everyone" in.

     Pictured here is probably the more popular bar that is part of the crawl and is the bar where you get to see everyone go through.  This bar is one of my favorite bars because everywhere you try to walk through or move around you end up seeing friends from all over the place.  On any Thursday night you can run into people you met at school or people from high school.  You will see coworkers and you will end up seeing people you don't like running into as well.

     I'm more of a beer person than I am a hard alcohol person.  One of my favorite beers to drink when I go out to the bars is Blue Moon.  A pint of beer when you get it at a bar usually comes with an orange wedge on the pint glass but I generally do not go for the orange myself.  If I do end up having something else besides a beer I'll either go for a few shots of tequila or if I'm going to be dancing then I am probably going to get a vodka redbull which is exactly what it sounds like.  Going to the bars does actually end up being pretty expensive when you go all out so I tend to not want to go tot he bars too often and save my money instead.

     I felt like I had been sleeping well and yet when I got up this morning I immediately felt a pain in my neck.  Its something people call having a "crick" in their necks.  It feels like I couldn't even function at all.  I couldn't turn my head to the left and every time I tried I looked pathetic because I just slowly did it and very painfully.  I couldn't even decipher what had caused me to be in so much pain that morning since I have always slept well on my bed.
Basically how I felt this morning.  Well, except not as femanine.
     Going to the gym was out of the picture for me today.  I know better than to go to the gym when I have an injury even if it is a small injury like having a crick in my neck.  I hate not going to the gym on a day that I plan on going but I'm not risking my overall health just so I can get some lifting in and make myself feel better.  Instead of going to the gym, all I did was get some light stretching in  on my shoulders and neck to loosen it up.  The best thing to do when you have a pain in your neck is to just let it be and heal up on its own.  Most of the time if it is a crick then it will go away within one or two days so I would much rather just wait.

     What are some of yoru favorite beverages to consume when going out with friends?  The beverage doesn't have to be alcoholic since I know not all enjoy the taste of alcohol.  Like I said in my post my favorite beverage is a pint of Blue Moon whenever I go for drinks at the bars.  If you don't like drinking alcohol then what are some of your reasons?  Some friends of mine who don't drink, chose not to drink because they don't like the taste of it at all or can't really handle their alcohol well at all.


  1. wow again such a great post!
    thanks mate +1

  2. I don't drink alcohol, personally, despite how I seem. Admittedly if I DID, I'd probably be all imported beers, whiskey, rum and coke...which is weird since I've been told by my peoples who DO drink that they could easily picture me with, like, complicated mixed drinks or whatever.

    Peh, I don't even have the CASH to do such a thing~! Even with a job and bills and such, how in the hell are there so many drinkers out there throwing money at bars? After paying everything up, I usually have to focus on free entertainment like going to places that ask for donations (I'll pay 'em when I gots money, godommot) and other such, or going to parks or the docks.

  3. I wish I had the cash and required age to go to bars, but I do not. Still, I manage to love beer. hmm.

  4. That's just how it is here! There's nothing to do except get plastered. Haha. I feel you buddy.


  5. My favorite alcoholic beverage is red wine, even though I am underaged.

  6. I wish I could tolerate the taste of alcohol better. It's mix drinks for me all the way.

  7. I like drinking with my friends but... i'm not a big fan of alcohol so i don't drink a lot.

  8. I love red wine. Oh man de-lish-us.

  9. Great blog, Im totally gonna follow you. Check out my blog if youd like.

  10. I think we have all had some drink too much stories.

  11. Had a friend who liked to mix pear soda with jägermeister. She would then proceed to puke like a fucking fountain. We once had to clean her ceiling, I shit you not.

    I'm a beer person too, I don't like the taste of hard liquor and I don't like losing control much. Nice post.

  12. wouldnt care if i drank once a day for a week...not that i do i drink like once or twice a month :D