Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Weekend

Today's Post:
     Well this past weekend was 4th of July weekend or independence day here in the states.  I decided to spend my time going out and having some fun.  No time was really spent doing chores at all except mowing my lawn which isn't even considered a chore.  I got to see some friends I don't get to really see that often since they came to town to visit with their families and got to catch up with some other people I don't usually get to see that often.

Patriotic Can

     Monday itself was the 4th so I spent that day hanging out with my friends.  We drank alot of beer as you would expect to do on the 4th and ran through a thirty pack of beer pretty quick.  We also had  some Jack Daniels to drink throughout the day which we mixed in with sweetened ice tea.  That didn't turn out to be the best of our ideas throughout the day though.  The beer of choice for Monday was definitely Budweiser though since they had some patriotic cans.  Its not really my beer of choice but you can't really go wrong with those cans right?  The design of course is inspired by the American flag and at the same time doesn't look too far off from their own colors.  Throughout that day we also got to watch the baseball game (SF vs SD) which turned out bad for us since we lost.  Some grilling was done as well which mainly consisted of grilling chicken and making hot dogs to eat while we watched the game.  The chicken skin itself got a bit crispy but it still turned out to be really good and having food throughout that day really helped out with the drinking we did.

fireworks in Sonoma County
     The fireworks were really cool this year for us here in Sonoma County.  We were able to see some of the bigger fireworks all the way from my friends house.  At the same time though my friends had some fireworks that they had bought for themselves when they went to Reno which weren't sold here in California.  It was a good time for most people here in Rohnert Park up until some bad things started to happen.  The worst of this was the fact that an entire apartment complex to burned down due to a bottle rocket apparently.  This caused about 10 families to be displaced but I could be wrong on that one.  My prayers go out to those families and hopefully no one got injured in that incident.

     Today I woke up with a bit of a hangover from drinking all of that beer and whiskey yesterday.  I'll be staying in bed for a bit more than I usually do because of that.  On my agenda all I have planned is to go play some soccer with my friends.  I have yet to actually get to have a good game of soccer with my friends since the sunny weather started out.  Today should be pretty good though since it isn't too hot but still pretty warm and it should be manageable.  Not much else is happening today though beside me going to the gym and working on tomorrow's "Workout Wednesday".  Hopefully this hangover will wear off soon though and let me go do stuff outside of the house.

     So what did you guys get to do this past weekend?  If you are in the United States, how did you celebrate your 4th of July weekend?  If you aren't in the United States, what did you do this past weekend that was fun?


  1. Sounds nice, went to a festival this weekend!

  2. Sounds like a good weekend. Sucks for the people whose building burnt down though, that's rough.

  3. Just kicked it at my house. Watched them fireworks. Nothing much

  4. Glad you had a good 4th man.

  5. Weekends are made to chill :)
    Sit back and relax with a cool drink.

  6. I spent all the weekend at home, where i live (Mexico) it's raining season and it's impossible to go out with all that traffic.

  7. I spent the 4th catching up with some friends as well, no fireworks though. Canada has some pretty strict laws about them haha

  8. 4th was my friends 21st. we went through a 30 pack pretty quickly too.

  9. Went to a friend's house and made some carne asada and hamburgers. Drank some beers and then went to the beach to see some fireworks. It was a pretty fun day.

  10. I went to the local high school to watch fireworks! They looked a little bit like the ones in your photo.

  11. Everyone had awesome 4th's, it sounds like. :D

    Meh, next year I'll be able to do it right once again...