Saturday, July 9, 2011

Party Wreckage

Today's Post:
     It seems that when you go to a larger party, one where EVERYONE is getting drunk and wild, the hosts house ends up getting destroyed in some sort of way and the hosts themselves end up not caring.  The party can start off innocently enough, with great intentions but things eventually will start going south.  Usually, what ends up causing this spiral down south is the alcohol consumption which in turn leads to bad judgment.  What could seem like a good idea at the time, can end up being a horrible idea with bad consequences.

     This past Thursday, we celebrated a friends 22nd birthday at his house and as you can tell by the introduction, things got pretty messy by the end of the night.  Luckily for him, it was a lower level party and the mess just happened in his garage yet it is still something he had to deal with the next day.  The problem is that he currently lives back at home for the summer so this complicates things a bit more as well.  The game of choice for the night was every college students favorite: Beer Pong

     A few problems with this definitely caused the mess we made at the end of the night.  The first problem of the night was that it was a very small table so cups easily got knocked over and most of the liquid ended up getting dropped on the garage floor rather than staying on the table.  The second problem, was that some cups were not quite empty so if any ever got tossed around or dropped, even more liquid would end up getting on the floor.  The last problem has to do with the previous two problems since the table ended up getting flipped over by someone and that really caused the floor to be completely covered in beer.  There was no getting around it at this point and you can tell simply by looking at the hosts face since he was laughing himself.

     I can only imagine how bad the cleanup must have been the next morning.  As I mentioned, this was his parents house so I'm almost sure he got some sort of scolding for the mess that was there waiting for him to clean the next morning.  I could have helped clean up if it wasn't for the fact that I was too hungover to even do much the next day.  The only good thing I can say about this whole thing, is that at the very least, people were only confined to staying in his garage and not all over the house or his backyard.  The damage could have been much worse than what actually ended up happening such as carpet stains and dry wall damage.
     Right now, the thing that I asking myself is at what point does the host, and not just this host of the party, but any host of a party, at what point does that person just cave in and let the party go out of hand?  I personally never throw any parties at my house just for the simple reason that I don't want my house getting ruined.  My friend ended up not really caring at one point of the shenanigans that were going on at his house and even joined in by slapping all of the wet cups of the table just so he could get cheered on.  I'm just not sure if I could ever really allow myself to start messing my own house up.  I guess if I was as drunk as he was I would have ended up doing that same thing too.  I'll just leave this here:

     What are some of the craziest things you guys have seen at the parties you have ever been to?  Have you ever seen houses get completely trashed?  Have you ever partaken in the damage yourself?  The craziest thing I think I have ever witnessed at a party was when someone just started kicking in the dry wall in someones apartment for no apparent reason and people started cheering him on all while there was a fight going on in the  kitchen.  Needless to say, the police ended up getting involved.


  1. craziest thing I've ever done, (well, it's not actually a party with too many people but just a few friends over our friend's house), was crawling down the stairs to get to the bathroom supposedly and vomit, instead, I went to the nearest opened window where it faced just beside the street and there! without even thinking out it, I vomited in an open space..imagined that! hahaha..people walking by are staring at me like I'm some kind of an idiot! ugh! that's it :)
    After that, no more pomelo juice for me because everytime I smell it, suddenly, I wanna puke :(

  2. *without even thinking about it. :(

  3. crazy stuff, but jamie foxx is just epic! :D
    keep it up

  4. Jamie foxx keeps putting out that good content.

  5. Craziest thing I have seen was a huge brawl on a beach involving black belts and rugby players. No police involvement, but some people ended up being tackled into open fires. I got out of there quickly.

  6. Thats pretty crazy, unfortunately I'm a boring person :(

  7. getting drunk and doing anything is never good

  8. Daaaamn, man. I dunno, I don't drink so when I think "crazy party" (back when I was living in Cali) it was usually pile a ton of caffeinated muthas in my tiny green kia rio, go get hopped up on more caffeine, go raid an arcade, raid a mall, raid someone's house if a party is going on, raid a restaurant, then go tearing around the streets just being loud and possibly stomping a gang or two that deserved it if they were hanging out in our areas. Hey, them streets were OUT streets. Strangely enough, we weren't a gang...just a group of like-minded individuals, geeks and martial artists and just generally angry young men and women alike, who hung out and caused light mischief. Hey, we paid for everything we broke or screwed up, we cleaned everything we messed up, and we generally left a place better than when we showed up.

    By "raid" I mean go into a place, buy stuff, then cause a general ruckus. Pick up on chicks, flirt like mad, get numbers, get food, get grubbin', just be seen and loud in general, y'know? Starbucks EVERYWHERE hated us, man.

    Good times, man, good times.