Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Workout Wednesday #5

     Many people always wonder why people even bother working out their legs at all when they go to the gym but by not working legs out, your body will really not grow in proportion.  For most people, working out your their legs seems to be the worst workout day they have.  Most people who I have talked to at the gym who start working out, don't even throw legs into their workouts at all or don't bother ever looking up any leg workouts and others just don't see the importance of having to workout their legs.  I was one of those people as well up until not too long ago and I personally went through the consequences of not really having had work them out.

     I personally never really liked working out legs so I would constantly skip working out that day and take a day off or go workout some other body part instead.  The first thing I started noticing after a while is that I felt more and more tired each day and would have to take more days off from working out to be able to come back to the gym and workout the same way.  The problem was that because I skipped my leg workouts often, I would instead go to the gym anyways, and I would workout some other body part again.  Then after I noticed that, I noticed the fact that I had developed chicken legs!  My upper body was huge when compared to my legs and that made me look really disproportional.

My Leg Workout:  (Aim for 4 sets of 12 repetitions on each of these workouts)


You can click on the name of the exercise to get an example of what it looks like.  

     Once I started doing the above workout and added it to my four day workout split, I have been able to increase my strength in other exercises.  I have also noticed an increase in my overall stamina for other things such as sports.  When doing cardiovascular activities, such as running on a treadmill, I can now run longer without my legs getting tired or I can bike longer as well.  I can play soccer with my friends at a much higher pace then when I used to play with them and have more power when it comes to free kicks.

     Never underestimate the importance of a body part or groups of muscle that need to get a good workout.  You do not have to challenge your legs to get growth but having some sort of exercise for your legs is important to help build strength.  Also, cosmetically you will look better by not having chicken legs while having a huge upper body.


  1. Excellent post. Also benefits dat ass.

  2. thanks for this . really helps me

  3. I really find some people disturbing when they have their upper body really big compared to their legs.

  4. There was a guy at my highschool who had a HUGE upperbody but legs like twigs. It was funny because I played soccer all my life so I was built upper and lower, he looked very silly.

  5. awesome stuff, I used to never work my legs out and wondered why the hell they hurt so much just after cutting the grass.

  6. nice post! ya gotta have legs to support your body, dont ya? haha!